Beach Clean with a Difference
Beach Clean with a Difference
Tuesday, 16th May 2017

On a sunny but blustery morning of Sunday 14th May about 20 people came along to help us collect plastics from the shoreline and the beach area. Rob Thompson and Natallia Paliakova from Fathoms Free came along to help sort the plastics from the general rubbish and to take it away. We filled two bags, a bag of general plastics and another of pieces of plastic netting, rope, cord and other plastic filamentous material. The general plastics will be stored by Fathoms Free and then be sent to FatYak, a UK South West-based Kayak manufacturer who are experimenting in turning the plastics into body boards and kayaks as part of their joint project with Fathoms Free, Paddle for Plastics; at the end of the page from the link you can see a picture of the prototypes. The other material will be stored to be sent in bulk with all the plastic netting and rope that Fathoms Free have retrieved from the seabed to a facility in Denmark that can deal with this kind of material for recycling.

The amount collected was not as great as one would hope but that in turn is good. It seems that we at Par Beach are not seeing the amount of plastics that we used to. That is not to say that the marine plastics issue is getting better, it is not, there some beaches in Cornwall seeing large amounts of plastics washing up! There is a huge amount of work to be done to lessen its impact on the environment. On our own beach more and more people are being observed carrying their own mini beach cleans during visits with their dogs or just out for a walk, This will go some way to explain why we are seeing less rubbish on the beach. A big round of applause to those that help to make the beach a better place for us all by keeping it clean of rubbish, we all thank you….

'Friends' and Fathoms Free's beach HQ


Phil with Rob and Natallia from Fathoms Free sorting out the plastics into the two bags ably supervised by Gill

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