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Tree Planting Work Party
14th December 2014

On Sunday 14th December over twenty enthusiastic members of Friends of Par Beach along with members from Friends of Luxulyan Valley and Friends of the Fowey Estuary, plus several well behaved dogs gathered at the Western End of the Nature Reserve on Sunday morning to take part in a tree planting session.

On spotting an advert in The Guardian back in September with a headline 'Free Native Trees to Give Away', Chair of Friends Richard Parks decided to investigate further. The article outlined an initiative going back over twenty years, whereby Western Power Distribution in partnership with local woodland charity The Sylvanus Trust (see their statement below) were donating 100 native trees and shrubs to any community group, school and other voluntary groups that applied to them and filled the various criteria needed for a successful bid.

The top ten bids, all the groups had to be in Cornwall, would receive trees and shrubs up to the value of £300. The Friends bid was successful and 100 trees duly arrived, delivered to Richard's garage, and subsequently heeled in at Treasurer, Mike Freemantle's garden until planting time.

Advice was taken from our Local Ranger James Clapp, and various other members with horticultural knowledge in the choosing of our trees, and also the best locations, which were to be around the edge of the Orchid Meadow, and also the glade to the north of the Orchid Meadow.

Led by member Jan Phillips, who arranges and supervises all ‘Friends’ regular winter work parties, 75 trees and shrubs were dug in, and protective matting and plastic sheaths were placed around the new arrivals to protect them from frost and over enthusiastic bunnies and other wildlife. The remaining 25 trees will be planted at a later date, possibly at the next Work Party in January 2015.

Friends of Par Beach is dedicated to helping with the management and enhancement of the wonderful area that is Par Beach Local Nature Reserve and sincerely hopes that this effort will go some way to achieving this aim.


The Silvanus Trust is delighted to be celebrating 20 years of planting trees for community benefits through its ‘Our Trees’ project.

With funding from our partners Western Power Distribution, for the past 20 years, the Silvanus Trust has coordinated numerous local tree planting events – promoting a greater connection between people, trees and woodland.

Since 1994, 300 groups including schools, parish councils, scouts, local charities and nursery schools from across Devon and Cornwall have been supported to plant an impressive 30,000 trees.

Photographs taken on the day can be seen in our photo gallery

Polmear Stream
13th December 2014

Some of our visitors to the beach will have noticed that the Environmental Agency have cleared the stream from the Indian' Restaurant right down to the beach including emptying the silt trap by the bridge. The flow has been dramatically improved, the 'Mighty Polmear' is in full flow again and the pond has returned to its normal levels. The improved flow will help to keep the channel clear through the sand that builds up where it joins the sea at the eastern end of the beach.

Friends of Par Beach would like to thank the EA for carrying out this work and a special thanks to the two operatives who undertook the work. They were very approachable and obviously took a great deal of interest in their work.

To see some photos taken at the time click here

FoPB Quiz Night 18th November 2014
19th November 2014

Friends of Par Beach held their Autumn Quiz Night on Tuesday 18th November at The Scout Hut, Par, to help raise funds for the group. It was well attended and by all reports everyone had a great time. David Stephens, who has run these in the past for us, has had to retire from his quizzes for health reasons so we bit the bullet so to speak and decided to run it ourselves. John Page set the questions and picture quiz with some help from Tamsin Howes and Richard Parks and acted as MC for the evening. Richard stepped in to conduct one of the rounds. Mike took over for the familiar ‘Heads and Tails’ session for a large bottle of Sherry after the ‘pasty break’ which was won by Jan Phillips who also managed to win the star Raffle Prize of a bottle of Pink Champagne!

Eight teams took part and the winners were ‘The Gourmets’ followed by ‘The Wassailers’, second with ‘Thrown Together’ in third place.

We would like to extend our thanks to Bob & Carolyn Rosser who, as always, managed a stirling job in the kitchen preparing the pasties and the teas/coffees. Thanks also to 'The Gourmets' who donated their cash prize to our funds! In all approximately £173 was raised on the evening so a big thank you to all who attended and helped out especially those who stopped to help us put away the chairs and tables at the end of the evening.

We fully intend to hold our next one in April so watch the Events Page for details when posted.

There are some photos taken on the evening posted in the gallery.

Work Party Sunday 16th November
16th November 2014

All the usual suspects plus some new potential members gathered at the Western End of the Par Beach Nature Reserve for one of our regular Winter Work Parties on Sunday 16th November. The tasks this week were firstly creating a glade amongst the young sycamores near the Par River. This is help to attract more butterflies and other insects and secondly to clear away some new brambles that have re-appeared on the Orchid Field.

We were certainly blessed with some fine weather and some solid work was achieved and many thanks to Jan Phillips for organising the day.

Martin Crowle and partner of Fowey River Lions came along; demonstrating a good example of how the various community groups in the area can work together for the greater good of the overall community.

Caitlin Grose and Chloe Lake were welcomed to their first event and they certainly seemed to enjoy the day. Caitlin and Chloe are both students at Truro College and are very interested in community work as part of their studies. They certainly brought the average age of the work party down considerably!!! We hope to get them both onboard  FOPB soon.

Pictures taken on the day can be seen in the Gallery

Full details of the next Work Party will be posted on our events page as soon as they are finalised.

Help required from the Cornwall Seal Group
10th November 2014

We have received a message from Sue Sayer at the Cornwall Seal Group...... Links to the forms mentioned are at the end of Sue's message and they are followed by two example photos.


"Cornwall Seal Group are acting as a contact point for the collection of lost fishing gear data in Cornwall as part of World Animal Protection’s global ghost gear campaign. Information and photos about lost fishing gear around Cornwall can be sent in any format to sue@ (delete the space after the @, this is to prevent spamming to that address)

For practical reasons our advice is that only items that are looped or over fist size should be recorded

Basic information includes – date, location and a photo

  1. Basic information includes – date, location and a photo
  2. Should you wish to record more, a form can be downloaded here and emailed in.
  3. If you would like to do even more and have a local beach you want to routinely survey so that it can become a case study, then the form should be used at least once a month
  4. You could even include a sketch map (draw an outline of coastline, photograph it and print it, label the lost gear locations with reference numbers matching form, re-photograph when completed and email once a month)

Good luck and enjoy recording extremely valuable information as part of a global campaign to change things for the better!

Attached excel or pdf forms and two sample photos. It usually helps to have something for scale in a photo – e.g. your foot. The one of the seals and the ghost gear is a ‘gold dust’ photo taken by long term volunteer Peter Welsh, but photos like the one I took are fine too. (Photographing forms and emailing them is often easier than scanning!)

Shout if you need clarification or more information


Sue Sayer

Cornwall Seal Group

'Seal Secrets' book published 2012 and reprinted 2013"


For the pdf version of the recording form click here

For the Excel version of the recording form to enable direct entry and return by e-mail click here


Sample photo 1



Sample photo 2


Cornwall Wildlife Trust's 'Your Shore Conference at the Eden Project
7th November 2014

Friends of Par Beach was represented by Richard Parks and John Page at a conference hosted by Matt Slater the Marine Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust at the Eden Project on Saturday 1st November. During the morning session, Friends of Par Beach along with various other groups from Cornwall, with some from Devon, had the opportunity to give a 15 minute presentation on the work we do along with our successes. There was a lot of information given out between the groups and some very good ideas that came out that we may be able to take forward. Apparently there were some good ideas from us that some groups have said they will take on board!!

In the afternoon we were treated to a talk by Sue Sayer about the Cornwall Seal Group about the Grey Seals that abound around our coast. The study on these seals has been quite extensive and Sue described how they can identify and give names to the different animals and track their movements around the coastlines in the SW.

The second speaker was Ian McCarthy who treated us to a wonderful talk, ‘Frozen Planet to Cornwall’ with stories, photographs and film excerpts of his work. Ian has been one of the cameramen on several of David Attenborough’s superb wildlife series on BBC Television and is now a resident of Fowey in Cornwall where he and his wife run a gallery. Ian is hoping to produce a film about Cornwall and its wildlife and from what we saw of the film so far it will be brilliant!!

Amongst the other issues talked about was results of the PANACHE funded work that the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s work and surveys around the Cornish Coast. Further information on this valuable work the CWT carries out around our shores can be seen on their website, look at the links on the left of the page for the different areas of work. The The Wildlife Trust’s campaign to get more protected marine areas to complement those we have already was discussed and those present were asked for their help in moving that forward. Please follow this link for more info and how you can help.

All in all it was a good and interesting day, we have made initial contact with other like-minded groups in Cornwall with whom further contact will be of benefit our beaches, coastline and the flora and fauna that depends on it.

Please follow the links in the text above to find out more.

Photographs taken on the day are in our gallery.

First Work Party of the Season
12th October 2014

The volunteering season kicked off today with a long overdue overhaul of the reedbed path with the first of the winter work parties. Ten lovely people bashed brambles, coppiced willow and alder and started to put the dead hedge back together again which some oiks keep throwing into the channel to get across to the peninsular, where people should not be.

For the first time ever, the coincidence of a work party with low water meant that a small area of willow next to the reedbed could be coppiced, an integral part of the management plan that has been impossible to start work on............. Small beginnings with about 6 done, but hard work for all that.

Thank you to Sandra for tea.

Next month.......... at the west end amongst the trees by the river we will be making a butterfly glade and taking young sycamore out. Keep an eye on our events page for details.

Below some of the die-hards enjoying Sandra's refreshments after the task had been concluded.


News of Successful Bid for Trees for Par Beach LNR
5th October 2014

We are pleased to advise that we have been successful in bidding for some Free Native Trees and Shrubs in an initiative by Western Power Distribution. Working via The Silvanus Trust they are donating up to £300.00 Pounds worth of trees and shrubs to any Community Group or School that makes a successfull application and fits all the criteria needed.

We are pleased to say that Friends of Par Beach fits the bill perfectly and Western Power Distribution also thinks so as well, as we were included amonst the ten groups chosen this year.

Our aim initially is to plant some trees around the perimeter of the Orchid Field at the western end of the Par Beach Nature Reserve and then go from there depending on how many an what species we get.

Work will start over the winter and everything should be in place by the early spring.

AGM 24th September 2014
28th September 2014

Despite a disappointingly low turnout, our AGM went ahead on Wednesday evening at The Gott Hall. The low number was a shame as we had a very interesting presentation and Q & A session by our Cormac Countryside Management Officer Simon Garner and  Ranger James Clapp. This produced some vigorous discussions in an open atmosphere rather than via the anonymity of Facebook, which sometimes occurs. Some of the comments that came from the floor were going to be taken back by James and Simon.

The normal business of the evening went ahead, with the existing committee being voted in and for another year. Richard Parks remains as Chairman, Mike Freemantle as Treasurer and Jules Jonklass as Secretary, with John Page, Tamsyn Howes, Phil Gadd and Adrian Wildish all being returned as Committee Members.

There was an amendment to the Constitution proposed by the Treasurer, Mike Freeemantle that was voted in by those members attending. It regarded the memberships and states that memberships will run for 12 months from payment and renewal will be due on the last day of the 12th month.

One other bit of good news revealed to us on the night, was that our resident Ornithologist Sid Cole had done a survey of all the bird boxes that we put up with the help of the children of Tywardreath School. Eleven out of the thirteen boxes had been used and this is a very encouraging result for this ongoing initiative, which will later in the year be followed by a similar exercise involving bat boxes.

To see some pictures taken during the evening click here

Litter Pick, Sunday September 14th
16th September 2014

Over 40 people including children and dogs came along to help out on Friends of Par Beach's Litter Pick on Sunday 14th September. About 45 bags of rubbish was collected which was a great result.

Some of the staff from Lloyds Bank in St Blazey came down to help and Claire-Louise Hunt, the Community Champion from Tesco came along too, she even brought some biscuits, sweets and water kindly donated by Tesco.

Dave Smethurst and his wife Pam (Mr & Mrs Flotsam and Jetsam) came down to help. Dave is quite unwell at the moment and he wanted to help so Pam brought him down and he helped give out and collect the litter pickers. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Dave a speedy recovery!! His work on the beach recording all that has been washed up and sending the results to the Marine Conservation Society has been invaluable!

It has been noticed that the beach seems a bit more clear of rubbish than previous years. This is possibly due to the work a volunteer who comes down once of twice a weeks to do 'her bit' with equipment provided by us. Her name is Kerry and if you see her (she may be wearing one of our yellow vests) please say hello, she is doing a brilliant job! There is of course the Cory Litter Picker coming down as well.

Unfortunately on a slightly negative note it was reported back to us by some of the volunteers that they saw quite a lot of discarded dog poo bags in the vegetation on the dunes. It is very disappointing that some people seem to be too lazy to take them to one of the dog poo bins that are around the site. It spoils it for those who kindly give their time to help out on work parties during the winter months. Some of the work is carried out on the dunes and can be very unpleasant!

This time free parking had been given to Friends of Par Beach by Cornwall County Council for the duration of the litter pick. Many thanks to Cllr. Doug Scrafton and the Council Officials for making this happen. It is much appreciated!

All in all it was a very successful day, a big thank you to everybody who gave up their time to try and make our beach a better place for everybody!

To see some of the photographs taken on the day click here


FoPB Annual August Bat Walk
3rd September 2014

About 50 people, adults, children and a couple of dogs came along to what has become another one of our very successful Bat Walks. Carol Williams from the Cornwall Bat Group and also works for the Bat Conservation Trust led the walk for us and gave a very interesting introduction to the bats that live in the UK and specifically ones that live here in Cornwall. We are lucky to have 12 out of the 16 species of bat seen in the UK here in Cornwall!

Fortunately for us and despite the weather being a little windier than we would have liked together with some drizzle lots of bats came out to play. They were seen around the pond on Par beach feeding, silhouetted against the darkening sky. We saw and heard common pipistrelles, soprano pipistrelles, noctules and a probable Daubenton’s bat feeding on flying insects. Carol was able to bring along some bat detectors and the children were delighted to hear if not see the bats. Carol explained what the different sounds meant and they were able to recognise the sounds made when a bat was homing onto its prey.

To see some pictures taken during the evening please go to our gallery.

Donations were collected for Bat Aid, the bat hospital at Threemilestone on the outskirts of Truro who do a remarkable job looking after sick and injured bats that are found by the public in Cornwall. If you are a Facebook user look them up here and you can even follow the adventures of one of the long term residents Norman Noctule who has his own page. 

Friends of Par Beach anticipate that we will holding a similar event at the end of August next year. Watch our events page for details.

Mike is off on another cycle ride.....
30th August 2014

Our Treasurer Mike Freemantle has taken up another cycling challenge. This time to raise money for CHICKS a charity that has one of it's centres very near to us. They often visit the beach with the children who stay with them.

Mike's own words.............

"It's just a couple of weeks to my ride from Ilfracombe to Tywardreath in aid of CHICKS, who help children from a variety of backgrounds – those living in poverty, those that are being neglected or abused, either mentally, physically or sexually, those who have lost parents or even those who are full time young carers. Do have a look at them at

and even better sponsor me at

My preparation has included a couple of days on the North Yorkshire Moors (even hillier than Devon and Cornwall), a couple of days in Sussex (riding with friends on another challenge, but taking full kit in 2 panniers and a saddlebag) and numerous circular routes from home). It's still going to stretch me, but then that's the whole point of a challenge.

I've increased my target several times and am now hoping to raise £1500 for CHICKS' good work. Think of me on 13th and 14th September - especially if the weather's bad!"

Please donate via Mike's link no matter how small (or large!) for this very worthwhile cause, CHICKS, and the children especially, will really appreciate Mike's and our help.

The lengths Mike will go to to avoid a litter pick.............. only kidding Mike, we are all proud of you!!


Seaweed on the Beach
18th August 2014

There has been some controversy about the seaweed on the beach just lately. Below is a statement from Cornwall Countryside Services on the matter of beach cleaning.

"The beach is cleaned on a daily basis through the Waste Contract held by Cory. This requires them to pick up beach visitor and marine associated waste and also to empty the bins on a regular basis. It does not require them to remove seaweed or other natural items from the beach. The seaweed on the site has not accumulated in significant accumulations and the strandline that has formed is one of the contributory factors that have helped the sand dunes on the site flourish and grow. The site is a nature reserve and the removal of the seaweed could impact on the quality of this natural open space. A local beach management group is well established on Par Sands to help advise the management of the beach and the reserve and the concerns raised will be discussed within this group."

Leaving the seaweed on the strandline promotes wildlife as invertebrates, e.g. sandhoppers, soon move in providing food for the different species of birds that visit the beach looking for food. Seaweed that decomposes into the sands from the strandline downwards towards the sea provides food for the life that lives in the sands, e.g. worms and various molluscs, and they in turn are the food source of other species that forage on the beach including fish when the sea has covered the sands. During one of our shoresearch events a couple of years ago a sea cucumber was discovered in the sand, something rarely seen!

Friends of Par Beach are well aware of the pleasure that many people get from being able to see the rich flora and fauna that lives in and uses the Par Beach Local Nature Reserve (LNR) of which the beach is part of. The Par Beach LNR Management Plan 2012 has a section (page 24 & 25) on the subject of seaweed and can be found in our documents section under the membership tab. The management Plan file is near the bottom of the list of documents.

If you are interested in the wildlife that inhabits our beach we, in partnership with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, are holding a Marine day on Thursday 28th August. Matt Slater the Marine Officer for the CWT will be on hand to show and explain the ecology of the beach and answer any questions. Please see our events page for details.

The Beach Cafe
14th August 2014

Park Leisure who operate Par Sands Holiday Park have issued a press release regarding the beach cafe. Click here to see the press release.

Park Leisure were awarded the contract to build and operate the Cafe following a tender put out by Cornwall Council a few years ago. There was some consultation by Cornwall Council in the very early days of this process and Friends of Par Beach were part of this. Friends of Par Beach welcome this news and especially the fact that there will be provision for a Learning Zone/Interpretation Room as part of the building. This will for people and local schools to use and learn more about the rich flora and fauna found on the beach and its Local Nature Reserve.

The Orchid Meadow
7th August 2014

We have just had a conversation with James Clapp, the Ranger for Par Beach and Local Nature Reserve regarding the apparant early cutting of the Orchid Meadow. He was planning to carry out the annual 'conservation cut' in a few weeks time but as the year is moving forward and that the meadow is being managed to promote the Southern Marsh Orchid and the rarer Bee Orchid the cut was brought forward. James did seek advice on this and this was the best he got. He was aware that some flowering plants were still flowering but the Bee Orchids had to take priority in this case; Bee Orchids are only found on two sites in Cornwall and we are very lucky to have them here with us. I did tell him that there is a bit of an outcry because of the situation with the butterflies and he accepted that. He also felt that he was going to be between a rock and a hard place on this. However one of our members has offered to carry out regular butterfly surveys in the meadow and feed back the info to James and ourselves so that next year James can perhaps target the annual 'conservation cuts' to take into account more of the wildlife found there.

The 'ride' opposite the meadow has been left and will probably be cut later. Another area was opened up behind the Orchid Meadow to provide a more sheltered space for flowering plants to flourish and also to see what appears there. This action was taken following the success of clearing scalloped areas in the gorse on the dunes. Quite a large number of 'new' species of plants have now re-appeared!

This article may help explain..........

I hope this answers anybody who had concerns, James did seek advice from higher and more expert authorities to be sure of his actions. James has agreed to let Friends of Par Beach know if and when any work will be carried out in the future and it's reasoning.

Buried Disposable BBQs on Beaches
25th July 2014

We do hate posting 'negative' items but feel this important enough to warrant this post.................. There has been a news item on BBC Radio Cornwall today and the Daily Express are covering the story.

A young boy stepped on a buried disposable BBQ at Porthtowan beach and ended up in a specialist unit at Derriford Hospital because of the serious injuries he recieved. Click here to read the Daily Express article.

Please watch out for buried disposable BBQs on the beach. I have come across one already on our beach in the last week. They are a menace and downright dangerous. Nobody wants to see someone's holiday ruined because of the attitude on mindless people. Every user, adults, children and dogs are at risk. So if you see anyone trying to bury a BBQ please talk to them if you feel safe in doing so and/or remove it to a safe place. Read the whole article (it has been mentioned on BBC Radio Cornwall's news today, 25th July), it is an education!

RNLI Respect the Water Campaign
25th July 2014


The RNLI has recently released it's coast safety campaign 'Respect the Water'. Follow the link to see the full details on their website.

It was said at the campaign launch that that more people were killed by slips and falls on the coast rather than in the sea itself and that were more than deaths from this cause than from cycling in our county. We hear about far to many deaths and serious injuries around our beautiful Cornish coastline each year so please take heed and spread the word to our lovely visitors. We want them to go home in one piece after enjoying our wonderful county.

Par Carnival Beach Art/Sculpture Competition 13th July 2014
15th July 2014

Friends of Par Beach held a Beach art/Sculpture Competition as part of Par Carnival on the beach on Sunday 13th July. There were entries of a very high standard from local people and visitors. The subject matter was varied using sand, with natural and sometimes un-natural objects found on the beach. The high standard made choosing the winners by our guest judge Amanda Hoskin quite difficult.

First three places as follows:

1st Prize went to the Bounsall family with their interpretation of the dangers that our rubbish and actions can have on our marine life.

2nd prize went to the Bulley family with their dinosaur collection

3rd prize went to the Rowe family with another dinosaur

Other entries included: a volcano representation, Mr Blobby and a sea castle, a boat with some dolphins, Marge Simpson, an aeroplane, a princess's castle, a boat 'SS Par Beach', a 'sea cake', a monster and a homage to Par Carnival.

Well done to the winners but not forgetting all entries, they were all excellent! Friends of Par Beach would like to extend a special thanks to Amanda Hoskin a local artist from Fowey ( who very kindly offered to judge the entries for us.

Pictures taken at the event can be found in our gallery. Please feel free to add any comments to the photos............

Big Bug Hunt Sunday 15th June 2014
15th June 2014

On June 15th 2014 we held our first Big Bug Hunt at Par Beach Nature Reserve in company with Owen Smith of OPAL (OPen Air Laboratories) this is a Big Lottery funded initiative to encourage citizens of all ages and abilities to get hands on with, and learn more about nature. All the results of the survey are then entered online by the participants to form part of a national survey on our flora and fauna.

We were pleased to greet an enthusiastic group of adults and children who really joined in the fun with many questions and a thirst to know more about the many Bugs, Bees and Butterflies that live on our beautiful Nature Reserve. We also had on hand some local botanists who explained about the huge variety of plants that we have in the area, including the wonderful Southern Marsh Orchids and the newly arrived Bee Orchids.

A good morning was had by all, finished off with a cup of tea or coffee and squash for the children, plus a good exhange of views on what everybody had seen. We even persuaded three new families to join us as members of Friends of Par Beach, so a real win win for all. We hope to have another similar event sometime in the future. We will advise when the time comes...........

 Click on the picture to take you to our Photo Gallery to see some photos taken at the event


A message from our very own Mike Fremantle, cyclist extrordinaire.............
13th June 2014

CHICKS - Country Holidays for Inner City KidS  

A message from our very own Mike Fremantle, cyclist extrordinaire.............

"If you are a regular visitor to Par Beach you will, undoubtedly have come across a bunch of young people, with leaders, from CHICKS, which has a centre in Tywardreath. They do great work providing free respite breaks for disadvantaged kids from across the UK. When they come past where I live they are always waving and enjoying themselves. Find out more at

I have taken up CHICKS' Tri-Moor Challenge in September, which means cycling around 120miles over 2 days from Ilfracombe back to their centre at Tywardreath. I do a fair amount of cycling, but shall have some miles in over the hills of Cornwall as these two days are the longest and hilliest I have tackled for many years.

CHICKS is a well-deserving local charity that I hope you will feel able to support. The following link will enable you to donate on line, or envelopes can be given to me at any time or put through the door of The Bungalow, 14 Polmear Village.

Thank you

P.S The sting in the tail is that the route seems to come down Polmear Hill, past our house and climbs Tywardreath Hill!

Mike Freemantle

Southern Marsh Orchids in the Orchid Meadow
2nd June 2014

A few months ago we posted some photos of a large tractor/mower that cleared the Orchid Field and Adjacent Meadow at the western end of the Par Beach Nature Sanctuary. The reason for this was to give all the native species that were buried under all the brambles and other invasive flora some air and light so that they could flourish again.

While the gate remained unlocked some people thought that it would be a good idea to drive around the field with their land rovers and other four by four vehicles during the period of bad weather that we endured over the winter, and they made a real mess of the area. However the decision was taken by the Par Beach Nature Reserve Ranger, James Clapp, to lock the gate so the orchid field and nearby meadow could flourish in the way that it was meant to happen.

We are really pleased and excited to tell you all that Early Forget Me Not, Ladies Smock, Scarlet Pimpernel, Soft Rush and best of all many Southern Marsh Orchids are now growing in abundance and we soon expect the Bee Orchids to appear, together with the Flanders Poppies that we planted in memory of the Fallen Soldiers from World War One.

Click on the thumbnail to see the picture take by James Clapp or better still come down to the Orchid Meadow and have a look for yourself.


Family Fun Weekend at Trenython Manor
14th May 2014

Friends of Par Beach participated in the first Family Fun Weekend arranged at Trenython Manor as part of the newly formed Fowey Festival. The event took place at Trenython over the weekend of 10/11 May and also featured The National Trust, RSPB, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Friends of Fowey Estuary among many others. Although not blessed with great weather, the event was a great success with many families coming along to take part in the many activities that were available.

The Festival organisers and Nick Waddington, the Resort Manager at Trenython were very happy with the results, and hopefully the event will be repeated next year.

Our gazebo had it first real test in windy and wet weather and did a sterling job of keeping us dry!!

Thanks to all who came along to participate or help. 

The picture below shows some children making a 'bug hotel' from pieces of bamboo


Below a family group walking through the bluebells on the Trenython Nature Trail

Opening of Par Bay Big Local Shop
20th April 2014

Sorry this is a bit late in reporting. The Par Bay Big Local (PBBL) shop was officially opened on April 5th by our local MP Stephen Gilbert. Friends of Par Beach along with ther local organisations have display boxes to represent their activities. Some of these groups have benefited already from funds from the Par Bay Big Lottery funding that comes from the National Lottery. Par Bay is only one of about 80 areas in the country to benefit from this funding and will have a huge effect on community groups and organisations in the area. Friends of Par Beach have already received funding to help pay for the new beach seats and our blue gazebo that has already had a few outings. Pictures of our display are in our gallery

Quiz Evening 10th April
11th April 2014

We ran another very successful Quiz Evening on 10th April, David Stephens was our quizmaster who, as always, did a great job. The quiz was won by Pilgrims Progress so a very well done to them! It was a great and fun filled evening with pasties and tea/cofffee being served at 'half time'. The pasties were supplied by Pearns Pasties and Bob and Carolyn Rosser ran the kitchen for us. Many many thanks to all those who helped and of course David Stephens, Bob & Carolyn and those who donated prizes for the raffle.

Some photographs will be posted very soon in our Events album in the Gallery.

We hope to run another quiz in the Autumn so keep an eye on our website events page.


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