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Friends of Par Beach are maintaining communication with EcoBos about all things EcoTown and more. As we exchange more ideas and information, we will post it linked from this page.

19th June 2011 - Friends of Par Beach received an update from Eco-Bos yesterday: Eco-Bos, as highlighted in this week’s St Austell Voice, has begun to turn its attention towards the Par docks site. There have been some preliminary site investigation works and surveys at the site and this will help inform the masterplanning process.
The image used by the Voice is one of an artist’s impression that was recently exhibited at the Royal Cornwall Show – more to give an indication of what may appear on site as opposed to a realistic representation of our current proposals. The masterplans for the site remain at a very early stage (subject to changes in response to survey data) and will appear in draft form when public consultation begins towards the end of summer and in to the autumn. As with the Eco-Bos proposals for West Carclaze and Baal, we anticipate that there will be further changes to the masterplan and any associated designs as a response to feedback from the local community.

Eco-Bos has attended recent St Blaise Town Council meetings to explain how the planning process will be undertaken. We are keen to maintain the positive relationship that we have with the Town Council and local Cornwall Councillors and will continue to respond to any questions or comments that they may have. Likewise, we intend to keep organisations such as the Friends of Par beach up to speed with the progression of our proposals and we will let you know the dates, times and venues of public consultation sessions at the first available opportunity.

At this stage Eco-Bos anticipates that an outline application for Par will be submitted to Cornwall Council towards the end of the year. Further detail for the site will be worked up in due course and will require further planning processes to achieve the necessary consents. In the meantime should you have any questions relating to the above please do get in touch.

13th September - 25th October 2010 - Cornwall Council have written an "Eco-town Vision Statement". Essentially this is just what the council would like or expect EcoBos to include in their development of the eco-communities.
CC are asking everyone to have a read of it, take part in a survey, send comments and/or send in photos. A final draft will then be completed using the feedback they have received. Please visit the consultation page on Cornwall Council's website. The link to the statement is at the top, the link to the survey is right down the bottom.

EcoBos/FoPB meeting 5th June 2010

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