1914 Indenture

We have been given a copy of the original Indenture document - the legal document of the sale of the beach from Arthur Basset to Tywardreath Parish Council in 1914!

You can see it in the Indenture Gallery though it is a bit small to read so we've also made it available for you to download from here. It is in eight parts and it may take you a while to download it all but it is worth it to be able to see it properly.


1914 Indenture - part 1 of 8


1914 Indenture - part 2 of 8


1914 Indenture - part 3 of 8


1914 Indenture - part 4 of 8


1914 Indenture - part 5 of 8


1914 Indenture - part 6 of 8


1914 Indenture - part 7 of 8


1914 Indenture - part 8 of 8

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